Old-Time Music from the Sand Flats of Charlotte Harbor - 2017

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The Fiddle Crabs plays and sings music from an earlier time. We humbly opine that the American music from the 19th up to the middle of the 20th century is far superior to anything heard today. Traditional fiddle tunes, heart songs, country blues, tin pan alley, traditional bluegrass and all the variations on those themes have a quality and strength which sustain their relevance up to now and beyond. In short, they are fun to play and sing. That's what we do!

This web site is dedicated to encouraging other folks to make their own music in the old-time way.  Performance music is OK but getting together with friends and relatives to make music is better.  We encourage and support spontaneous and scheduled jams, particularly fiddle music jams.  We urge folks to learn to play fiddles in particular!  Banjos, guitars and harmonicas are good also. The Fiddle Crabs welcome anyone interested in jamming on fiddle tunes in Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto or Lee Counties and surrounding area. Contact us if you are interested!  

Check us out playing at the Olde Fish Market Restaurant